After presenting the CAPA-led certification process to its members, the CAPA board asked for their input and suggestions before going ahead with the actual launch of the project. We have considered all of the suggestions and incorporated many of them. This has led to an improved and more evenly balanced certification system.

During this process, another organization has modified their own newly-launched certification process to incorporate most of the ideas presented to CAPA members at the 2010 Annual Conference. This is taken as a compliment to our original proposal to CAPA members just as their first launch was a tribute to the hard work over the last four years done by the original CAPA-CAPAPA certification project, the history of which elsewhere on this website.

The CAPA board and the board of CIAPP believe that those who work for the federal public service, provincial public service and private industry will recognize that the CAPA-led certification project speaks directly to the work that you do and the challenges which you face. This certification, referred to by the name of the new Institute which CAPA has incorporated as an arms-length, non-profit federal corporation, the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals (CIAPP), will recognize the work that you have already accomplished and the education you have received. Since the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals is not in business to make money, the initial application and certification process is free for those who apply during this initial launch. Since the Canadian Institute of Access and Privacy Professionals is an independent organization, only loosely associated with CAPA, there is no requirement for you to be a member of CAPA or to attend CAPA's Annual Conference or any other CAPA event. No one but you will profit from or gain advantage from becoming CIAPP-certified.

I invite you to read the materials on this website and to fill out the appropriate certification application. It doesn't matter if you have already obtained certification elsewhere. You will be glad you obtained your CIAPP certification now when it quickly becomes the recognized standard in Canada for Information Access and Privacy Protection professionals. Once your application has been approved, we will send you a certificate of certification suitable for framing, a wallet-sized card of certification and a CIAPP lapel pin indicating your certification.

If you have any questions, please direct them to the following e-mail address:

Thank you.

Laurence Kearley
President & General Counsel
Canadian Access and Privacy Association